2. Climate change related assignments

01 – 06/2008

Lead author and analyst of “Freshwater in Climate Adaptation Planning and Climate Adaptation in Freshwater Planning”, a Side-publication to the 3rd WWDR. Contracted by UNDP Water Governance Facility.

Early 2007

As single consultant for Sida developed a Framework-initiative for Climate-related Sida activities in Partner Countries, which should have been implemented as part of a Swedish Environmental Development Support initiated in 2007.

support to the environment sector, including coastal zone management and forestry.

11- 12/2005

As single consultant for Sida undertaken “A Study on Sida supported projects under the framework of EU Action on Climate Change in the Context of Development Cooperation”.

Early 2003

As single consultant for Sida/SAREC. A study resulting in a proposal of a Sustainable research policy for Environment and Climate Change.