3. Land degradation related assignments

03 – 07/2009

Two single-persons consultancy assignments for the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, UNCCD on a Resource Mibilizarion Strategy for the UNCCD Secretariat, and A UN Operational Framework for Convergence in the Delivery of the UNCCD 10 Year Strategy.

09/2005 – 06/2006

Team leader for the second phase of a World Bank/Africa Section project to produce a “Cost-Benefit Framework for Sustainable Land Management in Ghana and Ethiopia”. This phase aimed at a GEF/Medium Size Project.

01 – 06/2004

Team leader for the first phase World Bank/Africa Section project under which we provided “Support to the World Bank Sustainable Land Management Product Line to develop a methodology for African countries to assess the economic costs of land degradation and the benefits of sustainable land management”.