Specific appointments

Specific appointments:

  • Member  of the Steering Committee of Global Water Partnership, November 2014 – November 2017.
  • Chairperson of the ad-hoc Advisory Group of Technical Experts (AGTE) for Impact Indicator Refinement of the UNCCD, July 2012 – Novembe2013.
  • Member of the Land Degradation Focal Area Technical Advisory Group for Global Environment Facility 5, GEF, strategies during 2009.
  • Reviewer for the Global Environmental Outlook 4, published by UNEP in 2007.
  • Reviewer for the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment, supported by the CBD, CCD, Ramsar, UNEP, FAO, UNDP, UNESCO, WHO, GEF, UNF, World Bank, ICSU, UN/FCCC, IUCN.
  • Member of the reference group for freshwater related issues to the Swedish government in preparing for the Johannesburg Summit, 2002.
  • Reviewer of scientific articles for Water International, published by International Water Resources Association, for Ambio published by the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, and for Lakes and Reservoirs published by International Lake Environment Committee.
  • Consultant to UN/DESA in preparations for Expert meeting on Freshwater issues in Harare Jan 1998, preparatory meeting for meeting with UN/Commission for Sustainable Development 1998.
  • Consultative GEF/STAP expert to UNDP for reviewing UNDP/GEF projects on International Waters, to the World Bank for reviewing World Bank/GEF projects on International Waters and to UNEP for reviewing UNEP/GEF projects on International Waters and Land degradation.
  • Ad hoc member of the Global Environment Facility Scientific Technical Advisory Committee (GEF/STAP) (1995-97) and at their Roster of Experts as freshwater expert (1995- 2003). My membership on the Roster of Experts was renewed from November 2004.
  • Member of the Steering Committee for planning of the GEF/UNEP Global International Waters Assessment Project.
  • Swedish Water Expert to the Swedish Delegations to Global Environmental Facility and to the Commission for Sustainable Development.
  • Member of the World Bank Advisory Committee for International Waters Monitoring and Evaluation Guidelines (World Bank GEF-projects).