Selected Publications:

  • A Geomorphological Evaluation of the Dalälven Area with an Assessment of Different Evaluation Models. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis. Abstracts of Uppsala Dissertation from the Faculty of Science 789, 1984 (Part of my PhD-thesis).
  • United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. AMBIO, Vol. 21, No. 1, 1992.
  • In cooperation with representatives for UN/DPCSD, FAO, UNIDO, UNDP, UNEP, UNESCO, WHO, WMO and the World Bank I was responsible for the preparation of “A Comprehensive Assessment of the Freshwater Resources of the World” presented as a secretary-general’s report to the UN/CSD 1997 (E/CN.17/1997/9).
  • Water Resources. Challenges for development under different predicaments. In Mar del Plata. 20 year Anniversary Seminar. Water for the next 30 years. Averting the looming water crisis. SIWI Proceedings. Report 1. 1997. Together with M. Falkenmark.
  • Assessing the world’s freshwater resources. Published in Nature and Resources, the UNESCO quarterly journal on environment and natural resources research. Volume 34. No 1 January-March 1998. With A. Szöllosi-Nagy and P. Najlis.
  • Protecting Our Planet, Securing Our Future. Ed: Watson, Dixon, Hamburg, Janetos, and Moss. UNEP-US/NASA-the World Bank. 1998. I was the author for freshwater parts.
  • Aral Sea – water resources, use and misuse. In Proceedings from the Aral Sea Symposium arranged by UNIFEM and Royal Swedish Academy, April 1998. Published March 1999.
  • Water and Development in the Developing Countries. 2000. (together with Ulf Ehlin, Malin Falkenmark, Jan Lundqvist, Ashok Swain, Johan Rockström and Anna Brismar). European Parliament, Directorate General for Research, Development Series, Deve 100 EN. 8-2000.
  • Water Management in Developing Countries: Policy and Priorities for EU Development Cooperation. Background document for an EC Communication on Water and Development. Published by SIWI October 2001.
  • People, Environment and Water Security in the Aral Sea Area. Published 2005 by the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul in the documentary volume from the seminar “Prospects for Democracy in Central Asia, June, 2003”.
  • Methods for Assessing the Impacts and Costs of Land Degradation and the Net Benefits of Prevention and Mitigation Measures. Together with A. Brismar et al. Paper commissioned by the World Bank. 2004.
  • The Asian Regional Research Programme in Energy, Environment and Climate – ARRPEEC. Together with Michael Chadwick. Sida Evaluation 04/16.
  • Securing food production under climate variability – exploring the options. Workshop report from the 13th Stockholm Water Symposium, 2003, together with A. Rahman. Water Science and Technology, vol 49. No 07 2004.
  • A decision framework for accounting costs and benefits of land degradation and sustainable land management. Together with D. Vadjnal and J. Rudengren. Paper Commissioned by the World Bank under its Africa SLM Product Line. 2004.
  • SAREC Support to International and Regional Thematic Research Programs, 2000-2005. Together with Amitav Rath, Mary Ann Lansang, Oliver Sassa and Francisco Sagasti. Sida Evaluation 06/40 and 06/40:1. Sida Department for Evaluation and Internal Audit. 2006.
  • A Sustainable Cotton Production – A Goal Within Reach in the Aral Sea Area. Together with Ingrid Karlsson. Swedish Aral Sea Society and Gudrun Sjödén, 2009.
  • Water in a Changing World. The United Nations World Water Development Report 3, WWDR3. One of a group of authors. UNESCO Publishing and Earthscan. Released 16 March, 2009.
  • Water Adaptation in National Adaptation Programme for Action – Freshwater in Climate Adaptation Planning and Climate Adaptation in Freshwater Planning. A UNDP WGF Side publication to WWDR3. Lead author. 2009
  • Water Security and Ecosystem Services: The Critical Connection. A contribution to the World Water Assessment Program, WWAP, UNEP, Nairobi. Together with W. Rast, M. Colley, M. Dyhr-Nielsen, J Illueca, M Kodarkar, H Masundire and J. Thornton, 2009.

Uppsala, June, 15th, 2010