Presentation: Gunilla Björklund, GeWa Consulting

15 WWW GB - Kopia copyGunilla Björklund has a PhD in Physical Geography from Uppsala University. She is now a consultant on international water policy issues, climate change and land degradation issues. She has through GeWa Consulting undertaken consultancy services for among others Stockholm International Water Institute, Sida, SAREC, Global Water Partnership, the Swedish Ministry for the Environment, GEF, UN, UNESCO, UN-Habitat, UNEP, the World Bank and UNDP. She has been evaluating GEF-projects for UNEP, UNDP and the World Bank both within International Waters and Land degradation focal areas. She has been evaluator of SAREC’s climate policy. She was one of the authors of World Water Development Report 3 and of both UNDP’s and UNEP’s Side-publications to this report. Among her latest assignments are policy work linked to financing and management for the UN/CCD-secretariat, a Mid-term Evaluation of an ACP-EU Integrated Water Resources Management-project for UNEP, as member of a MTE-team for the KemI implemented “Toward a non-toxic environment in South East Asia” and as a member of the MTR-team for the USAID/Sida/Dutch DGIS-funded Securing Water for Food. She was the team leader of the SIWI Independent Evaluation team for the World Bank administrated Nile Basin Trust Fund. She has as a sub-consultant to Professional Management, worked on the ex-ante evaluation of 2014-2020 European Maritime and Fisheries Fund for Sweden. She was also, as external advisor, working with the GWP Evaluation team on assessing the GWP Strategy 2009-2013 implementation. She was one of the lead rapporteurs for the 2015 World Water Week.

She was 1994 to 1997 the executive secretary for the UN/SEI Comprehensive Assessment of the Freshwater Resources of the World and worked closely with 8 different UN-agencies, including UNEP. Prior to that she was special advisor at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs with responsibility for multilateral assistance for the environment, including the GEF,  freshwater issues, the UNCCD, the UN/FCCC the CBD, etc. She was also an expert at the Swedish UNCED secretariat, negotiating several Agenda 21 chapters in the Rio-process, including the Freshwater Chapter. She has been working at Uppsala University in different capacities, including as assistant professor, and has been supervising PhD-students and is lecturing at several Swedish universities, in particularly on different aspects of IWRM.

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